September 6-16 2018

Frequently Asked Questions



 Lease Agreements


What is the process?

The application can be printed from our website. Fill it out neatly with all the requested information (include photos of your booth). Please be specific about your products. Xyz brand bed sheets is better than just listing sheets.

How do I send in my Application?

Email it to, fax it to 801-538-8455, or mail it to the Utah State Fairpark. ( 155 N 1000 W Salt Lake City, Ut 84116)

What do I need to include with my application?

Pictures of your typical booth setup. References (other Fairs and Events that you have participated).
Menu, pricing and dimensions of your stand for concessionaires. Also Anything else you think will help us make a decision.


How long before I'm contacted?

There is no set time during which you will be contacted. However, you will be contacted whether your application is accepted or not.
Selected applicants will start to be contacted starting in May.


There is no cost to apply. Please do not send any payment with your application.

Other Questions:

Please read the Handbook and if you still have questions email

All communications regarding commercial exhibits and concessions must to be done via email.


Lease Agreement Deadlines

Deadlines are listed in the Lease Agreement. Deposit must be sent in by the deadline listed, otherwise space might not be held.

Adding or Changing products on your Lease Agreement

After you have received a Lease Agreement, if you are requesting or change a product please fill out a application indicating that you are a returning vendor (along with your current section and booth number).
You will not lose your space by doing this but it must be approved in advance for you to sell the new products. -- Do not write on your Lease Agreement


Adding or Changing locations on your Lease Agreement

If you are trying to change your location or add to your booth size fill out an application indicating that you are a returning vendor (along with your current section and booth number). You will not lose your current space while your request is being reviewed.

Changing contact information

If you need to correct a name, address, or any contact information on your contact please e-mail

May I just write down in the Lease Agreement any requests or new products that I would like to sell in my booth?

Please do not make any alterations to the Lease Agreement yourself. All Lease Agreement modifications must be done and approved in advance by the Utah State Fair management, otherwise Lease Agreement will automatically become null and void.


May I return my Lease Agreement along with payment even if I submit an application to change location or alter my booth products list?

Yes, you can return the Signed Lease Agreement with payment if you are willing to remain in the same location and keep the current products list if your request is denied.

How long do I have to wait to know if my requests have been approved or denied?
Any returning vendors requests regarding changes in products will receive notification two weeks after application submission.
There is no set time for notifications regarding location, since that is dependent on other renewals.


Payments will be accepted with a signed Lease Agreement.



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