September 6-16 2018
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Earn Patches, Belt Loops and Badges at the Utah State Fair



  • Utah State Fairpark Patch (requirements located below)
  • Hometown Discovery- #2 Learn about a local celebration or community event and attend.

Belt Loops

  • Fishing- Demonstrate proper way to bait pole and try to catch a fish at the Wildlife Building.

Academic Pin

  • Citizenship- #7 Plan a trip to a place or event in your community.

Wolf Cub Scout Book

  • Achievement 10- Family Fun
    10 c- Plan a walk. Go to a park or wooded area, visit a zoo, or museum with the family.
    10 f- Attend a concert, play, or other live program with the Family (check State Fair Program).
  • Elective 19- Fishing
    b. Learn how to rig a pole, cast, and go fishing at the Wildlife Building.
    c. Fish with members of your family or a grown-up. Bait your hook and catch a fish.

Bear Cub Scout Book

  • Achievement 5- Sharing your world with Wildlife
    c. Explain what a wildlife conservation officer does. Get to know a conservation officer from your state or federal fish and wildlife service. Make sure to tell the officer that you are a Cub Scout and are working on this achievement.
  • Achievement 12- Family Outdoor Adventures
    d. Attend an outdoor event with your Family
    e. Plan your outdoor family day.
  • Elective 9- Art (Fine Art exhibit or photography exhibit)
    b. Visit an art museum or picture gallery with your den or family.
  • Elective 16- Farm Animals
    b. Name and describe six breeds of farm animals and tell their common uses.
    d. With your family or den, visit a livestock exhibit at a county or state fair.

Webelos Scout Book

  • Family Member- Community Group
    # 8- Tell what your family does for fun. Make a list and do one of them with a member of your family.
  • Traveler- Mental Skills Group
    # 3- With the help of a parent, guardian, teacher, or librarian, use a map site on the internet to plan a trip from your home to a nearby place of interest.
    # 6- List four nearby trips you would like to take with your parents or guardian, lay out the trips on a map.
    # 8- Check the first aid kit in the family car.
Utah State Fairpark Patch
__________ 1. Attend the Utah State Fair with your den or Family. (It always starts the first Thursday after Labor Day and runs for eleven days!)
__________ 2. Wear your Uniform! Scouts and Leaders wearing uniform shirts will receive a discount off their regular admission price- Just print off the scout coupon and go straight to the gate! Or you may also pick some up at the Fairpark Administration office prior to entering the admission gates.
__________ 3. Enter an item or exhibit of your own into the Fair Check out the living arts or livestock pages for details or call (801) 538-8400.
__________ 4. Identify five (5) different breeds of animals at the Fair. (example: Angus is a breed of beef cattle)
__________ 5. Identify items exhibited at the Fair by people from your county.
__________ 6. Locate and describe the county booth display from your county. The booths are located on the second floor of the Grand Building.
__________ 7. Pick up litter as you go around the park. Don't forget to recycle.
__________ 8. Visit the horse arena and identify which breed or group is showing.
Leader or Parent Signature ________________________________Date_________
Patch are avaliable at the Great Salt Lake Council- Questions call (801) 582-3363
Great Salt Lake Council is located at 525 Foothill Blvd- Salt Lake City, Utah 84113



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