September 10-20 2015

Employment Opportunities


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Utah State Fair Job Fair 08/21/2015

2 P.M to 5 P.M located at the Wasatch building

Listings will be posted in the Job Fair



Ticket Seller

-Need to be able to handle money, accept payments and make change.
-Have some knowledge of computers.
-Have good customer service skills.
-Answer questions about daily schedules, attractions etc.
-Be able to walk around Fair Park for some duties for your whole shift.
-Not guaranteed entire shift depending on workload.

Rate: $7.25/hour


Commercial Exhibits/Concessionaires Supervisors:
- Monitor commercial exhibitors spaces according to the Utah State Fair requirements
- Ensure vendors are working in accordance to the Utah State Fair Exhibitor/Concessionaire Handbook
- Assist vendors about any requests or problems related to their location(s).
- Reports daily to Events & Facilities Coordinator

Rate: $9.25/hour


Event Services Runner:
- Receive all deliveries for vendors during the Fair
- Keep track of all deliveries and billing
- Must to be able to lift moderate weight
- Good communication skills to coordinate the delivering dispatching
- Able to work under pressure
- Licensed and Certified to operate Fork Lift
- Must to have valid Driver's License

Rate: $12.00/ hour

Maintenance Department

General Working Conditions:
- Majority of work will take place outdoors.
- Continuous walking, lifting, pushing, and pulling.

Minimum Requirements:
- Must be at least 18 years of age.
- Must have a valid Social Security Card and be able to provide proof of eligibility to work in the United States.
- Must be customer service oriented.
- Must be dependable and have good personal hygiene.
- Ability to bend, lift (minimum of 50 pounds), walk, stand, and climb stairs.
- Must be available to work flexible hours
- Work hours are approximate. Actual hours may vary depending on weather, events, and crowds.
- Employment for Utah State Fair Only.

Wages: $8.00



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