SEPTEMBER 5-15 2019
Utah State Fair

Family Fair Dare!

Held each night (except Tuesday, Sept. 11) at 6:00 PM on the Xfinity Stage

It's sure to be a crazy good time! Set up just like the popular 80’s kids TV game show, players will get to participate in some exciting challenges and our wacky, fun, and sometimes messy games.   

The rules are the same as the game show: one team will be given a trivia question to answer for points. If they are unable to answer they can dare the other team, who then can double dare them back. The original team can then either answer for points or take a physical challenge.

The winning team will take home awesome prizes courtesy of our Family Fair Dare Sponsors! Don't worry, the runner-up team will take home some prizes too!

Up for a FAIR DARE?

We are looking for a few awesome families looking to have some EXTRA fun during their visit to the Utah State Fair! Sign up your family to be part of this year’s on-stage game show “Family Fair Dare”!

To be a part of the messy games, you must gather a team of four: 2 big people (ages 15-adult); and two young people (ages 6-14). Submit your application by filling out the form.

You must arrive at the Xfinity stage by 5:30 PM!

Sign Up Now

Questions? Contact Nicki Claeys  or call 801-538-8454

Thanks to our sponsors of 2018 Family Fair Dare!

Dave & Busters


Utah Corn Roasters