Doug Sims

Photographs Accepted:
August 31 (10 am to 5 pm)
September 1 (10 am to 7 pm)
September 2 (10 am to 5 pm)

Entry Charge (per photograph):

Class A - Professional $10.00
Class B - Advanced Amateur $8.00
Class C - Amateur $7.00
Class D - Young Amateur $4.00
Class E - Junior Amateur $4.00
Class F - Fine Art $10.00
Class G - Black & White $10.00
Class H - Cell Phone Photos $6.00

Judging Dates: September 5th & 6th

Question & Answer Session: Saturday, September 9, 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Photographs Released:
September 18 (10 am to 7 pm)
September 19 (10 am to 2 pm)

  1. Prints that are not picked up during release dates above will be available at the Fair Administration office for a limited time, or may be returned by mail to the exhibitor.
  2. Prints requested to be returned by mail must have: (a) envelope or box that prints will fit in, (b) self addressed label, and (c) correct return postage.


Exhibitors must read and abide by Living Arts General Rules.

Entry Requirements and Information

  1. Exhibitors must be legal residents, military or student residents of the State of Utah.
  2. Exhibitors may submit up to three (3) entries in one class (example: enter in either Amateur class OR Advanced Amateur class - but not in BOTH classes).
  3. Class F - Fine Art Photography, Class G - Black and White and Class H - Cell Phone Photos are considered separate classes, and rule #2 above does not apply to these three classes. (example: you may enter three (3) entries in Amateur, two (2) entries in Fine Art Photography, and two (2) entries in Black and White; and two (2) entries in Class H - Cell Phone Photos.
  4. Photographs must have been taken within five (5) years of the opening date of the current year Fair.
  5. The original image must have been taken by the exhibitor using film, slide or digital camera. The only exception is the Cell Phone Class, which must have been taken using a cell phone.
  6. Exhibitors may not submit photographs entered in a previous Utah State Fair.
  7. Exhibitors are required to complete an entry form. You may enter online; print and mail a completed form with your entries; or, print and submit the entry form with your entries in person on specified dates above.
  8. Submission of an entry form, by any means, indicates the exhibitors acceptance of all rules and certifies photographs as their own work. Entry forms MUST be signed by the exhibitor.
  9. All entries must be mounted to a mounting board based on their class. (excluding Fine Art)
  10. Photographs will be hung on a carpeted wall, using velcro placed on each corner of the mount board.
  11. Exhibitors must affix a self-sticking label on the back of each entry, with the following information:
      a. Exhibitors name
      b. Exhibitors phone number
      c. Title of photograph 


  12. No information will be allowed on the front of the photograph or mounting board, including exhibitor's signature.

Submitting Entries

  1. Exhibitors are encouraged to submit entry forms online. Entry tags for entries submitted online will be pre-printed and available when photographs are received, facilitating quicker completion of the entry process.
  2. Entry forms may be submitted in person on the receiving dates listed above. Please print and complete an entry form prior to taking your photographs to the Photography Department located on the second floor of the Grand Building. Cash or checks will be accepted for payment of entry fees - no debit or credit cards.
  3. Completed entry form, correct entry fee and photographs may be mailed to the Utah State Fair Photography Dept, 155 N 1000 W, SLC, UT 84116.
      a. Entries must be received on or before September 3rd.  Arrival date, not the postmark, will be the defining criterion on whether or not entries will be accepted into the competition. It is suggested that you send them "return receipt requested".
      b. The completed entry form, entry charge and the necessary information noted below to complete the entry tag MUST accompany the entry, or they will not be judged.
      c. If entry is to be returned by mail, the exhibitor must enclose correct return postage along with a self-addressed return mailing label and packing material. If an exhibit is not returnable by mail for any reason, the entry must be picked up at the Fair Administration Office.
  4. Please follow specific Class Description instructions on "print size" and "mount board size" EXACTLY. There will be no exceptions or refunds if your print is not accepted.

Print Size and Requirements

  1. Print must be the specific size shown in the Class Description.
  2. Front mats are discouraged but if applied, must not be larger than the back mounting board.
  3. No information is allowed on the front of the print.
  4. Prints may be coated with a protective photographic lacquer or spray gloss.
  5. All prints must be original and may not include elements produced by anyone else.
  6. Processing and printing may be done commercially or by the exhibitor.
  7. Final print must be on photographic print material. (metal and canvas allowed in "Fine Art" ONLY).

Mounting Boards

  1. Size of the mounting board must be the specific size listed in the Class Description. Entries with wrong size mounting board may be disqualified. There will be NO REFUNDS for incorrect sized prints.
  2. Thickness of mounting board must not be thicker then 1/4".
  3. NO title, name or other information may be printed or attached to the front of the mounting board or print.
  4. The following mounting requrements DO NOT APPLY for entries in the "Fine Art" class. Please see special mounting requirements in the "Fine Art" class description.
  5. Only standard mat or foam core board may be used for mounting board.
  6. NO wood, masonite or corrugated cardboard will be accepted.
  7. NO framed, glass covered, or shrink-wrapped entries.
  8. NO hanging devices or other protrusions allowed on the back or front of entry.

Print Mounting

  1. Prints must be permanently affixed to the mounting board. DO NOT use double sided tape.
  2. Prints that fall off due to poor mounting will not be repaired, may not be judged and will be removed from the exhibit. If removed, there will be NO REFUND.


  1. Prizes will be awarded based on the judges' evaluation of the following (not necessarily in this order):
      a. Photograph's overall presentation
      b. Print & mounting quality
      c. Photographic
        i. technique
        ii. impact
        iii. subject recognition
        iv. originality
        v. composition
        vi. other pertinent factors
  2. If there is only one entry in a lot, or entries are not deemed worthy by the judges, ribbons and prize money may not be awarded. Ribbons may also be awarded at any "place" in each lot.  For instance, if there is not a first place, or second place quality entry in a lot a third place ribbon may be awarded even though a first and second place were not awarded.
  3. Prints that do not meet the exhibit, Fair or community standards or rules, at the discretion of the judges, supervisor or Fair management, will not be displayed.
  4. Prints not meeting the lot description may be moved to a more appropriate lot at the discretion of the judges or department supervisor.
  5. An exhibitor is not eligible to receive more than one award in any one lot. Therefore, it is recommended an exhibitor enter in different lots.  This means that if you would have received a first and second in the same lot, you would only be awarded the higher of the two places.
  6. Best of Show winners are not eligible to receive 1st place money and ribbon on the same entry.
  7. All decisions of the judges will be final.
  8. We encourage you to attend the Question and Answer Session on Saturday, September 9, 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.


Fair personnel will use care to secure the safety of entries after their arrival and placement in the exhibit. However, no responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen photographs is assumed by the Fair, department supervisor or staff. The Utah State Fair does not insure the photographs. The Fair is not responsible for misuse of copyright by an exhibitor.



Enter Online Print an Entry Form
* Each individual must enter separately - DO NOT
create one entry for multiple people.
* Complete the entry form and bring it with you on one of the above listed acceptance dates.
* Please list the Title of your photograph - not the title
of the class or lot you are entering

Complete the entry form and mail it, along with correct entry fee payment and properly prepared prints to arrive by the stated deadline.


Lot Numbers (For Classes A-E)

  1. Abstract
  2. Action
  3. Animals/Pets (domestic)
  4. Architecture
  5. Botanical
  6. Commercial / Industrial
  7. Creative Art / Artistically Manipulated
  8. Human Interest
  9. Humor
  10. Journalistic
  11. Macro/Close up
  12. Panorama, Scenic (8" x 24" Only across all classes)
  13. Portraits - children and babies
  14. Portraits - female/male
  15. Portraits - groups
  16. Scenic / landscape
  17. Composited images (consisting of two or more images combined in post production)
  18. Sports
  19. Still Life
  20. Unclassified
  21. Wedding / Social Event
  22. Wildlife - in the wild
  23. Wildlife - in captivity
  24. Fair Theme ~ "Beyond Ordinary"

Class Descriptions

Competition will be offered in the classes listed below. The lots listed above will apply to classes A through E. Classes F and G will be judged as listed in their class descriptions.

Department PH - Class A - Professional

Open to individuals that are professional photographers or deem their work to be on par with such.

Enter up to 3 prints Print and mount board size 16" x 20"
Entry charge: $10.00 per entry

Note: digital mats are allowed and encouraged to match
the print size to the mounting board.

1st Place-$40 2nd Place-$30 3rd Place-$20 4th Place-$10
  Best of Show-$60 - Trophy and Rosette  


Department PH - Class B - Advanced Amateur

Open to serious amateurs or experienced photographers.

Enter up to 3 prints Print and mount board size 11" x 14" or 11" x 17"
Entry charge: $8.00 per entry Note: digital mats are allowed and encouraged to match
the print size to the mounting board.
1st Place-$30 2nd Place-$20 3rd Place-$15 4th Place-$10
  Best of Show-$50 - Trophy and Rosette  


Department PH - Class C - Amateur

Open to individuals, age 18 and over.

Enter up to 3 prints  Print and mount board size 8" x 10"
Entry charge: $7.00 per entry Note: digital mats are allowd and encouraged to match
the print size to the mounting board
1st Place-$25 2nd Place-$20 3rd Place-$15 4th Place-$10
  Best of Show-$40 - Trophy and Rosette  


Department PH - Class D - Young Amateur

Open to ages 13 through 17.

Enter up to 3 prints  Print and mount board size 8" x 10" 
Entry charge: $4.00 per entry Note: digital mats are allowed and encouraged to match
the size to the mounting board
1st Place-$20 2nd Place-$15 3rd Place-$10 4th Place-$8
  Best of Show-$30 - Trophy and Rosette  


Department PH - Class E - Junior Amateur

Open to ages 5 through 12.

Enter up to 3 prints Print and mount board size 8" x 10"
Entry charge: $4.00 per entry Note: digital mats are allowed and encouraged to match
the print size to the mounting board
1st Place-$15 2nd Place-$10 3rd Place-$8 4th Place-$5
  Best of Show-$20 - Trophy and Rosette  


Department PH - Class F - Fine Art Photography

Open to all. Limit two (2) entries per exhibitor
Entry Charge: $10.00 per entry Maximum Weight 30 Lbs
Maximum Size 800 Square Inches including Frame

Minimum Size 154 Square inches
(11 x14 or equivalent square inches)

Finished Artwork Must be:
A. Framed - Metal prints and stretched canvas are considered to be equal to a frame.  Framed images can include matting.       
B. Ready to Hang with WIRE (No Clip, Frame Backs or Saw Tooth Hangers)

1. Must be ORIGINAL photograph - graphic or computer generated art is not acceptable.  Post production is allowed up to the point that the image no longer resembles a photograph.
2. Photograph must have been taken within five years of opening day of the current year Fair
3. Photograph may not have been entered in a previous State Fair.

1. This is a juried category with NO refund of entry charge if your entry is juried out.
2. Evaluation based (not necessarily in the order listed) on artwork showing greater than normal

a. Creativity b. Thought c. Skill d. Talent e. Precision f. Intent


1st Place-$40 2nd Place-$30 3rd Place-$20 4th Place-$10
  Best of Show-$60 - Trophy and Rosette  


Department PH - Class G - Black and White

Open to all. Enter up to 2 prints
Entry Charge: $10.00 per entry Print and Mount board size MUST BE 16" x 20"
  Note: digital mats are allowed and encouraged to match
the print size to the mounting board.
1st Place-$40 2nd Place-$30 3rd Place-$20 4th Place-$10
  Best of Show-$60 - Trophy and Rosette  


Department PH - Class H - Cell Phone Photos

Enter up to 2 prints  
Entry Charge: $6.00 per print Print and Mount Board size MUST BE 8" x 8" only

Adult (age 18 & over) Categories:
Lot Number
1. People - Individual or Group
2. Landscape / Architecture - must include scenic/landscape or buildings
3. Animals / Birds - must include animals or birds
4. Other (does not fit other categories)

Youth (age 17 & under) Categories:
Lot Number
5. People - Individual or Group
6. Landscape / Architecture - must include scenic/landscape or buildings
7. Animals / Birds - must include animals or birds
8. Other (does not fit other categories)

1st Place: $15 2nd Place: $10 3rd Place $8
Best of Show: $20 - Trophy and Rosette


Special Awards

GRAND PRIZE -$100, Trophy & Rosette . The image that wins this award will not be eligible for a Best of Show award.

HONORABLE MENTION - Ribbons, without premium money, will be awarded at the discretion of the judges and the Photography Supervisor

JUDGE'S CHOICE AWARDS - Rosette awarded by each judge for his/her favorite in the entire exhibit.

SUPERVISOR'S CHOICE AWARDS - Rosettes awarded for the prints the supervisor deems to be outstanding.

PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD - $20.00 and Rosette awarded for the print voted most popular by the public. Voting will take place September 8th through the 15th and the award will be placed on September 16th.


Enter Online - opens July 5 Click here for a Printable Entry Form



 Utah Arts Council

THE UTAH ARTS COUNCIL (UAC) will be selecting 20-25 pieces from this exhibit to travel across the state to schools, libraries, universities and museums. This is a unique opportunity for photographers to expand their audience base. More importantly it brings quality artwork to underserved communities.

If your piece is chosen for the traveling exhibit, you will have to complete a consent form for the UAC. Please contact the Photography Supervisor for instructions and help.

Selected pieces will be matted and framed at the conclusion of the Fair. Artwork will be insured by the UAC and will be returned to you in approximately one year. The artwork will not be available for sale for the duration of travel.


Tips For Award Winning Photography

IMPACT - something that catches the eye of the beholder.
A visual statement
An emotional stir
An interesting design
Stirring color or black and white
Singular without distractions
Unbelievable - How did they capture that?

General exposure, color, zones, sharpness, presentation and no obvious gimmicks.
What do judges/people like?

The more universal the appeal of the image, the better chance of rating with more of the beholders.

Did the maker accomplish their goal? Could they have done better? Is the purpose and meaning clear to the beholder? Does the beholder have to guess what the intention of the photograph is? Is there continuity? (Power, beauty, mood. emotion. positive-negative, color, action) Is the mood or feeling enhanced? Is the image believable?

QUALITY (nitpicking scrutiny) this can override impact in the final analysis.
Flawless physical and intellectual CRAFTSMANSHIP
Are there only positive supportive elements and space?
Flow and Composition
Continuity (Does everything support the presentation/statement?)
The Moment
Grain and detail
Technical aspects, compression, flare, distortion, highlights, shadow, spectacular control
Correct key
Unseen lines
Emotional lines
Compositional framing