September 6-16 2018
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Cancellation of Lease Space or Refunds / Construction and Improvements / Cardboard / Cleanliness and Trash Disposal


Cancellation of Lease Space / Refunds

Exhibitors and concessionaires must provide written notice of cancellation. Because the Utah State Fair will suffer certain losses which cannot be determined, the deposit will automatically be forfeited. Exhibitors and concessionaires canceling on or after July 21st will forfeit all monies and installments paid as of the date of cancellation.

Fairpark Management is not responsible for loss of sales for any reason including but not limited to inclement weather, or excessive noise from the carnival, Grandstand area or other attractions on the Fairpark.


Construction and Improvements

The construction of any permanent structure, booth, or enclosure and/or alterations of any structure, booth, or enclosure owned by the Fairpark must be approved in advance in writing by Fairpark Management. Any exhibitor or concessionaire intending to construct and/or alter such a facility must submit a formal, written request along with plans and specifications to Fairpark Management, illustrating the proposed construction or alteration will be in compliance with applicable codes and regulations as outlined by the State of Utah's Division of Facilities and Construction Management.

Construction and Improvements are at the expense of the exhibitor/concessionaire and only with written approval by Fairpark Management. In the event a lease agreement is not renewed or is terminated for any reason, such structures, booths, and enclosures and/or the improvements, shall become the property of the Fairpark and the State of Utah, unless agreed upon prior to the construction and/or improvement.

Any exhibitor/concessionaire who performs any type of construction or altercations to any structure, booth, or enclosure owned by the Fairpark without first obtaining written approval from Fairpark Management will be assessed a $ 1,000 fine and be required to pay the cost associated with returning the said structure, booth, or enclosure back to its original status by a contractor that is approved by Fairpark Management.

Any exhibitor/concessionaire wishing to paint anything owned or operated by the Fairpark must receive prior written approval from Fairpark Management prior to painting such surfaces. Exhibitors/concessionaires receiving approval are responsible for all cost associated with painting including paint touch-ups as needed as well as returning the surface back to its original color if their lease agreement is not renewed or is terminated for any reason.

Any exhibitor/concessionaire who performs any type of painting to anything owned or operated by the Fairpark without first receiving written approval from Fairpark Management will be assessed a $300 fine and be responsible for any cost associated with returning the painted surface(s) back to their original color.



The Utah State Fair recycles all cardboard. There are several drop off locations on the grounds. We strongly encourage all exhibitors and concessionaires to take their cardboard to these locations. We ask that exhibitors/concessionaires break down their boxes and place any non-cardboard items in the proper waste receptacles.


Cleanliness and Trash Disposal

All exhibitors/concessionaires are responsible for keeping their leased space neat and orderly. Throughout the day and at the end of each day exhibitors/concessionaires will be required to clean their leased space and place all trash in the receptacles provided. Fair staff will clean all aisle areas and streets throughout the day and after the Fair has closed for the day. Anything put out after cleaning has been completed is the responsibility of the exhibitor/concessionaire. When the Fair is over it is expected that the leased space be vacated and left clean and free of debris.

Disposal of trash shall be in the proper containers provided. Improper disposal of trash will result in a
$300 fine. This includes the improper disposal of food, food products, and food by-products (see Water and Sewer in the Utilities section).

Fairpark Management will not provide receptacles for exhibitors/concessionaires to use in their leased space nor will we provide receptacle liners.


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