SEPTEMBER 5-15 2019
Utah State Fair

Drawings and Prizes

Drawings and Prizes

Plans for free prizes or drawings must be furnished in writing with the application and must be approved by the Fairpark Management. No Lease Agreement will be issued until plans for any free prizes and drawings have been reviewed. Exhibitors/concessionaires cannot offer discount vacations, free vacations, free trips or drawings for vacations of any kind without special written approval from the Fairpark Management.

If a exhibitor/concessionaire is found to be offering any free prizes or conducting such drawings without written approval from Fairpark Management, the exhibitor/concessionaire will be assessed a $300 fine and removed from the Fairpark.

When offering free prizes, or drawings for free prizes, full disclosure must be made. There can be no hidden or undisclosed charges or deposits. If the offer says \'free\' it must be totally free. If full disclosure is not made, (as deemed appropriate by the Fairpark Management), the exhibit will be closed until appropriate action can be taken.

The announcement of prizes offered, and the time and place of the drawing must be posted in plain view where the Fair patron registers. The drawing must be held publicly on the Fairpark and by Sunday evening, the last day of the Fair.

All parts of the drawing ticket must have printed thereon the name of the company conducting the drawing, a description of the prize(s) and the value thereof.

All patrons are eligible to participate in the drawing (unless age or sex is a reasonable disqualification and the same is advertised on a sign).

A sample of the drawing ticket and a list of prize(s) to be offered must be submitted to Fairpark Management no less than ten (10) days prior to opening day.

A description of the prize(s) offered, the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the winners must be registered by written notice to the Fairpark Management no later than October 1.

The Utah State Fair, Utah State Fairpark, Board of Directors, or its Management, employees or patrons are not to be mentioned in supporting or conducting the drawing in any manner.

Furthermore, commercial exhibitors/concessionaires are not to conduct any show, drawing, or game which does not have the prior written approval from the Fairpark Management.

Raffles, as defined by Utah State Law, are unlawful.