SEPTEMBER 5-15 2019
Utah State Fair

Entrance Passes / Exhibitor and Concessionaire Evaluations

Entrance Passes

Entrance Passes will be required for all Exhibitors and Concessionaires, both employees and volunteers, for entry to the Fair on a daily basis. For this purpose, each Exhibitors and concessionaires will be issued the following amount of passes per Lease Agreement:

10\' X 10\' vendor booth = 33 passes
10\' X 20\' vendor booth = 44 passes
10\' X 30\' vendor booth = 55 passes
20\' X 20\' or larger vendor booth = 66 passes
1 Lot B (White Ballpark on North Temple) parking pass per lease agreement.

Concessionaires will be issued 44 entrance passes and 1 parking pass per lease agreement.

Should additional passes be needed, they are available for purchase in the Administration office at a discounted price.

For same day re-entry to the Fairpark, you must have your hand stamped or an additional pass will be required.

Exhibitors and/or Concessionaires will not be permitted to leave entrance passes in the Administration Office, parking booths, or ticket booths for their employees or volunteers to pick up when they report to work.

Exhibitors/Concessionaires acknowledge the following restrictions regarding the use and distribution of Exhibitor/Concessionaire entrance passes:

1. Exhibitors/Concessionaires agree that it is solely their responsible for the custody, control and care of entrance passes provided by Fairpark to Exhibitors, Concessionaires, and their employees.

2. Entrance passes shall not be altered, duplicated or reproduced by any Exhibitor, Concessionaire, or their employees.

3. If an altered, duplicated or reproduced pass is used or attempted to be used by anyone to gain entrance to the Fairpark, Exhibitors/Concessionaires agree that:

a. Exhibitors/Concessionaires will cooperate in any administrative, civil or criminal investigation resulting from such misuse;

b. Exhibitors/Concessionaires will be legally and financially responsible for such misuse, even if such misuse was the result of an employee\'s illegal conduct;

c. Fairpark Management may, in its sole discretion, close Exhibitor\'s/Concessionaire\'s booth for the remainder of the Fair;

d. Exhibitor/Concessionaire will not be entitled to any refund for any amounts paid or owing to the Fairpark; and

e. Fairpark may, in its sole discretion, impose a $100.00 penalty for each altered, duplicated or reproduced pass.

4. If Fairpark Management intends to impose the penalties in paragraph 3. above, or exercise rights conferred therein, Exhibitors/Concessionaires agree that Fairpark Management may provide written notice of said violation to either Exhibitor\'s/Concessionaire\'s principal place of business, the booth attendant, or both.


Exhibitor and Concessionaire Evaluations

Exhibitors and Concessionaires are encouraged to set up their leased space in an appealing, professional manner and abide by all Fair guidelines. In an effort to continue upgrading the appearance of the Fair, each exhibitor and concessionaire will be evaluated during the Fair. Evaluations will include: performance, payment of fees, compliance with the guidelines in this handbook, appearance of exhibit/concession, revenue generated (if applicable), and any complaints received from the public relating to goods and/or services provided during the Fair. You will be notified in writing of any issues.