SEPTEMBER 5-15 2019
Utah State Fair

Fax/Fire and Safety/Freight

Fax Services
Please check with the Administration Office for the location and cost of this service.

Fire/Safety Regulations
This section is intended to highlight certain Fire and Safety Regulations. By no means are these the only Fire and Safety regulations exhibitors and/or concessionaires must follow. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor/concessionaire to know what regulations apply to their operations. The State Fire Marshal Office has jurisdiction over the Utah State Fairpark. For a complete list of applicable regulations please visit the website at

1. Every display or exhibit must be installed and operated so as to provide access and visibility of any fire panel, pull station, visual audio device, and/or exit signs. Full access must be made available to firefighting equipment.

2. Any drapes, curtains, hangings, or other decorative material must be made from a non-combustible material, or be treated and maintained by means of a flame-retardant process approved by the State Fire Marshal's Office.

3. All electrical wiring will meet the latest edition of the National Electrical Code. Temporary wiring, as specified by this code, will be used for non-fixed wiring purposes. Ordinary two-wire extension cords are expressly forbidden. Only heavy-duty, three-prong, rubber or neoprene extension cords are permitted.

4. Power strips are allowable, but at no time can be "daisy chained" (plugging one power strip into another) together.

5. Smoking, open flames, and propane are prohibited in any and all buildings on the Fairpark.

6. Any outdoor open flame must be preapproved by the State Fire Marshal and Fairpark Management. Failure to get prior approval will result in automatic removal from the Fairpark.

7. Exhibitors/concessionaires must supply and have readily accessible at least one fully charged and operational UL-rated type 2A 10-BC dry chemical fire extinguisher of at least 2 lbs. net capacity in each location using an open flame or electric heat device.

8. Any exhibitor/concessionaire that is using cooking equipment that involves solid fuels, vegetable or animal oils, and fats must have a Class K rated portable extinguisher with current certification. The minimum requirement is one 2.5-gallon (9L) Class K wet chemical extinguisher.

9. Any exhibitor/concessionaire that is deep fat frying with up to four fryers having a medium capacity of 80 pounds each, must also have one additional Class K extinguisher of a minimum of 1.5 gallons (6L).

10. It is not required that exhibitor/concessionaires portable fire extinguishers be certified in Utah but they must have been inspected and certified to meet all NFPA regulations. All extinguishers must be inspected by the Campus Fire Marshal and must be fully charged and in compliance. Additionally, all throw away type extinguishers must not be older than 2 years.

11. Explosive gases or flammable liquids will not be used in connection with any display except by written approval of the State Fire Marshal or Campus Fire Marshal and Fairpark Management.

12. All LP-gas containers having a water capacity greater than 2.5 pounds must be stored in an upright position with the valve end up.

13. All LP-gas containers must be secured so that they will stay in the upright position.

14. Any combination of stored LP-containers exceeding a water capacity of 720 pounds must be stored a minimum of ten feet from any combustible material or structure.

15. Fairpark Management reserves the right to update any of the Fire/Safety regulations at any time without notice to meet or exceed current Fire and Life Safety Standards.



All deliveries will need to be correctly labeled to ensure that delivery is properly made. Fairpark Management cannot be held accountable for deliveries that are received and are improperly labeled. All packages should be labeled as follows:

Your Business Name
C/O Utah State Fair
Your Assigned Building or Section
Your Space Number
155 North 1000 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Once a shipment is received it will be delivered to the exhibitor/concessionaire at the rate listed below unless the receiving clerk is otherwise notified by the exhibitor/concessionaire prior to the shipment being received.

Any size Packages Free (except pallets)

Any shipment that is on a pallet and is required to be unloaded from the delivery truck with a forklift will be assessed a $50.00 charge.

No "waiting" time for forklift is allowed. Additional charges may apply for odd-sized or special deliveries. Forklift availability is NOT guaranteed, shipping trucks are advised to use their own gate-lift and pallet jacket for larger deliveries. Exhibitors/Concessionaires are responsible for their own unloading and loading of displays. Any package deliveries are made on availability basis.

Receiving and delivery charges are and will be payable at the time of delivery to the exhibitor/concessionaire.

No merchandise, display materials, boxes, crates, equipment, etc., will be allowed to be stored on Fairpark property other than inside the exhibitors/concessionaires leased space or personal vehicle(s). Exhibitors and concessionaires are responsible for storage of their own inventory, packaging, equipment, etc. Any items left for any extended period of time will be discarded.