SEPTEMBER 5-15 2019
Utah State Fair

Food/Concessionaires & Grease Disposal


The following information is provided to exhibitors/concessionaires as a service. Fairpark Management does not assume any liability in its accuracy.
All concessionaires and exhibitors serving food must obtain a Temporary Event Permit from the Salt Lake Valley Health Department. These include but are not limited to existing restaurants, fast-food operations, caterers, churches, community or school organizations, volunteer and social groups. Each concessionaire/exhibitor is responsible for obtaining their own permit. Of the three types of permits offered by the Health Department, an Extended permit is required for the Fair. This permit is good for up to 14 days of temporary food service per calendar year. Cost for the permit is $295.00 and may change without notice.

The permit is issued by the Salt Lake Valley Health Department 'in-person' only, so you will have the opportunity to discuss any questions with them. At the interview a copy of your food handler permit or manager certification will be required.
Office hours for permit application:
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday
Bureau of Food Protection
788 E. Woodoak Lane (5380 South)
Murray, Utah 84107-6379
(385) 468-3845

The person in charge must demonstrate adequate knowledge of food safety and sanitation practices in order to receive a Temporary Permit. A permit may be revoked if an operator does not comply with health regulations. Permits are not transferable. Multiple vending booths or locations operated by the same owner will each need a separate valid permit. Permit holders must demonstrate the ability to adequately supervise separate locations.
Before applying for a permit, please decide on the following:
„h The complete menu including beverages.
„h The booth structure (whether provided by the event sponsor or the vendor).
„h The equipment that will be required, including a hand washing station.
„h Methods to maintain hot and cold product temperatures.
„h How all foods will be transported and stored.
„h Where and how clean-up of equipment will be done.
„h Who will be in charge of the booth (must have a Food Handler Permit).
No food for the public may be prepared or stored in a private residence.
Temporary Event food booths are inspected by the Health Department. All violations must be corrected. Un-permitted or unsafe food practices will result in food removal or booth closure.
Fairpark Management and the Salt Lake Valley Health Department must be notified of significant changes in menu, operating facilities, business name, and any other conditions that may affect the quality of food service. Fairpark Management reserve the right to shut down food concessionaires at any time if there is any food safety concerns.
Operators must vend from a site that meets the following minimum structural requirements:
1. A roof, awning or other top covering, impermeable to weather, over the entire food preparation, service, clean-up and storage area.
2. Two side walls (not screening), which will reduce the entry of dust and dirt, and exclude non-authorized personnel.
3. The front service wall will be a counter, half-wall or table draped to the floor. The back wall may be open for employee access, or solid as desired.
4. The floor must be a surface of plywood, concrete, asphalt or other acceptable cleanable material. Flooring must be supplied if the vending site is on dirt, gravel, grass or poorly drained surfaces.
All trailers, stands or structures, whether portable or fixed, must be professional looking, in good repair, structurally sound, neat in appearance and meet current Utah Fire Codes, State building, electrical, safety and sanitation codes. Disability access must also be considered. Exhibitors or Concessionaires not complying with these policies may be asked to dismantle and/or remove their exhibits or stands from the grounds.
All concessionaires/exhibitors are required to have all food and equipment storage areas screened from the public's view. Fairpark Management prefers all screens to be of the vinyl or canvas type and should not be see through.
No A-frame type (sandwich board) or any other type of freestanding sign may be placed outside of the leased space.

Grease Disposal

This service is free of charge, and may be arranged by Fairpark Management. The grease barrels will be located on the west end of the Fairpark behind the Operations Building in the Stock Truck Lot. Barrels are not to be removed from this location at any time. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor/concessionaire to take the grease to this location and properly dispose of it.

Grease must not be dumped into the sanitary sewer line or the storm water system. A $300 fine will be levied against any exhibitor/concessionaire who is discovered to have improperly disposed of grease. If there are more than one exhibitor/concessionaire in area where it is discovered that grease has been disposed of in the sanitary sewer and/or storm water system, ALL exhibitors/concessionaires in that area will each be assessed a $300 fine, if there is no way of determining the violator.

Concessionaire is also responsable for any other costs associated with the infraction such as cleaning and city imposed fines.