SEPTEMBER 5-15 2019
Utah State Fair

Inspections / Indoor Space / Insurance / Interpretation


Fairpark Management will conduct inspections of all leased spaces prior to the opening of the Fair. Concessionaires must contact Fairpark Management prior to occupying any indoor space to complete proper documentation.

Every booth must be set up, ready and open for inspection by the Fairpark Management by 9:30 a.m. on opening day. (Exhibitors are not required to be present for inspection). If booths are not set up by 9:30 a.m. on opening day, Fairpark Management reserves the right to assign the booth to another vendor and assign the exhibitor in violation another location of equal or lesser value, or impose a fine.

Concessionaires must be ready before 8:00 a.m. opening day and notify Fairpark Management that they are ready to be inspected. Concessionaires are required to be present during their inspection.

Fairpark Management will conduct an inspection at the end of the Fair on all spaces that were leased to concessionaires in Fairpark owned buildings. The intent of this inspection is to insure no physical damage was done to the leased space, insure all items that were in the leased space, prior to leasing, are still accounted for (to include but not limited to hood filters and fire extinguishers), and to insure no items were left that could result in insect and/or rodent infestations (i.e. food).

Concessionaires will be notified in writing of any issues discovered during this inspection. Concessionaires will be invoiced for any damaged or missing items, the removal of items left that could result in insect and/or rodent infestation, and any labor associated with these cost.

Concessionaires who do not pay upon receipt invoice will not receive a renewal for their lease agreement.

Food Court Concessionaires that pass in good stand the cleaning inspection at the end of the Fair will receive the $200.00 refund check in the mail.

Indoor Space

Indoor lease spaces are located in the following buildings: Grand Building-bottom floor, Discovery Building and Market Building. (See building maps for layout).

Indoor space pricing is based on a 10x10 space. Any exhibitor who has a leased space that is on a corner (as deemed a by Fairpark Management) will be required to pay the additional cost associated with having a corner space.

Applications received by July 20, 2018
Draped Single Booth in Discovery and Grand Buildings: $925.00

Draped Single Booth in Market Building: $875.00
Add $150.00 for corners

Applications received after July 20, 2018
Draped Single Booth in Discovery and Grand Buildings: $1,025.00

Draped Single Booth in Market Building: $975.00
Add $150.00 for corners

Indoor space includes pipe and drape which consists of 8' backdrop and 3' sides. Actual space size varies and may be larger or smaller than 10' X 10'. Indoor lease spaces are not to be changed without prior approval from Fairpark Management. Any approved changes must be done by the exhibitor and at no cost to the Utah State Fair.

Exhibitor entrance passes are determined by size, one parking pass for the parking lot to the south of the Fairpark across North Temple.

Each indoor leased space will receive one outlet producing 5 amps of electricity.

No Items of any kind may be extended from or attached to the ceiling of a building or area of a leased space.

All materials, fabrics, table coverings, etc. used in an exhibit must be flame resistant. For guidelines, refer to Fire Regulations.

The Fairpark does not provide extension cords; please review the Utility section of this handbook.

While the set-up is important for the viewing of your exhibit, it is also important for exhibitors not to impede on the view of their neighbor's exhibit. It is recommended that the design of your exhibit adhere to the following:

1. No part of your display should exceed the eight-foot background drape.

2. The front six feet of the booth should not be higher than the three foot high side rails. Displays may be extended up to the eight-foot height limit in the rear four feet of the booth.

3. Exhibitors must secure the edges of any carpet with tape to prevent a tripping hazard. In addition, all electrical cords must be properly taped down.


Commercial Exhibitors and Concessionaires must have insurance to cover any loss. The Utah State Fair is not responsible. In addition, we require you to provide the Utah State Fair with a liability insurance certificate including personal injury and property naming the Utah State Fair as an "additional insured" in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) per occurrence and three million dollars ($3,000,000) aggregate. A copy of this insurance certificate must be on file in our office before August 17, 2018. Copies of your homeowner's policy or business insurance are not acceptable documents. Only an official Certificate of Liability Insurance with the Utah State Fair listed as an "additional insured" will be accepted.

The insurance certificate copy must to be strictly emailed to Please have the same company name included in the vendor agreement clearly stated on the certificate. A confirmation email will follow as proof that Fairpark has received it, please save it for your records.

If you do not currently carry this type of insurance, we can offer access to it through Haas & Wilkerson Insurance. The cost for this is $100.00 for the first space location and $70.00 for each space location after that.

Exhibitors and concessionaires are encouraged not to leave valuable merchandise in their leased space overnight (especially outside locations).




Fairpark Management reserves the sole and final right to interpret rules and guidelines and to settle and determine all matters, questions, or differences with regards to the Fair. Fairpark Management also reserves the right to add to or amend rules and guidelines as needed.