September 7-17 2017
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Outdoor Space


Outdoor Space

All outdoor locations are arranged and assigned by Fairpark Management.

All space is sold in 10' X 10' increments only. There will not be any prorating or segmenting of space for sale. Leased space can be added together to create larger sizes, for example 10' X 20' or 20' X 20' depending on exhibitor's needs and availability of space. Any in-line space sizes larger than a 10' X 20' space requires payment in full when returning the Lease Agreement.
Any exhibitor, who has a leased space that is deemed a corner by Fairpark Management, will be required to pay the additional cost associated with having a corner space.

Applications received by July 21, 2017
10' X 10' increments $825.00
Add $150.00 for corners

Applications received after July 21, 2017
10' X 10' increments $925.00
Add $150.00 for corners

Outdoor space includes a canopy tent; entrance passes determined by size, one parking pass for the parking lot to the south of the Fairpark across North Temple and one outlet producing 5 amps of electricity. Fairpark Management does not provide extension cords; please review the Utility section of this handbook.

Most outdoor exhibits are housed in canvas tents which have a pitched roof and four canvas sides that snap, hook, or Velcro together in front so they may be closed.

No tents are allowed in Sections B & C. Any vendor desiring to be in Sections B or C must be self-contained with their own trailer or other attraction and be approved by the Fairpark Management.



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