SEPTEMBER 5-15 2019
Utah State Fair

Recycling / Restrictions / Removal of Goods / Right of Renewal / Rule Violations


The Utah State Fair has a recycling program and encourages all exhibitors and concessionaires to participate.

The Utah State Fair recycles all cardboard. We strongly encourage all exhibitors and concessionaires to take their cardboard to these locations. We ask that exhibitors/concessionaires break down their boxes and place any non-cardboard items in the proper waste receptacles.

Exhibitors and Concessionaires producing food waste will be given a 'green' container for recycling of this waste. Details for this process will be included in your exhibitor/concessionaire packet.

There are many blue recycling containers located on the Fairpark. Exhibitor/concessionaires are encouraged to use these for any plastic or paper items.



In the interest of promoting the health, safety and welfare of persons on or about the premises of the Utah State Fairpark, the following will not be allowed to be produced, manufactured, dispensed, advertised or possessed on said premises: (a) controlled substances as defined in the Utah Controlled Substances Act, Title 58, Chapter 37, (b) drug paraphernalia as defined in the Utah Drug Paraphernalia Act, Title 58, Chapter 37a, (c) imitations scintillate as defined in the Imitation Controlled Substances Act, Title 58, Chapter 37b, Utah Code Annotated, 1953, as amended, and (d) Any items prohibited by State and Federal Laws.

In addition, the Fair Board of Directors has determined there will be no ear-piercing, martial arts' items or toys, tattooing, sale of firearms or like weapons, phrenology, fortune telling or psychic reading, (the only exception would be astrological forecasting by computer).

NO ADHESIVE-BACKED PLASTIC OR VINYL DECALS, STICKERS or BUMPER STICKERS of any kind are to be GIVEN AWAY AND/OR SOLD anywhere on the Utah State Fairpark. The only exception would be computer generated custom decal orders costing $5.00 or more and must be pre approved by Fairpark Management. Exhibitors are prohibited from selling laser (pointer) pens, potato guns or blowguns of any kind. The Fairpark has reserved the exclusive right to sell balloons. Exhibitors will not be allowed to sell or give away balloons. When selling knives of any kind, they must be boxed and sealed.

Fairpark Management will not permit the sale or display of obscene or vulgar material and reserves the right to remove from the grounds any product, exhibit, sign or advertising matter which is not in harmony with the overall goals and objectives of the Fair.

No loud speaker, amplifier, or sound device shall be used in the exhibit space without prior written approval of the Fairpark Management. Excessive noise from any source, including televisions, stereos, organs, saws, microphones, motors, etc., will not be allowed. Health Department guidelines for acceptable noise levels will be enforced. No live music is allowed in any booth.

Microphone brand and bandwidth must be reported to Fairpark Management and must comply with the following specifications to avoid interference with Fairpark's paging system:

1. VHF bandwidth only (No UHF bandwidth, or lower than VHF bandwidth).
2. Must be in proper working condition.
3. Must be of a professional grade.
4. No Comtek brand devices allowed.
5. No bullhorns allowed.

Dust, smoke or smells from the burning of scented candles, incense products, product demonstrations, etc. is prohibited.

Under no circumstances shall an exhibitor/concessionaire change the contents of their leased space or services offered without written permission from the Fairpark Management once a Lease Agreement has been issued. If it is found that an exhibitor has changed space contents or services as indicated on their Lease Agreement, they will be fined and the original intent of the booth must be restored or they will be removed.

The contents of any commercial exhibit space must be related products or services. For example, a single booth selling both sunglasses and funeral plans would not be allowed.

No exhibit space is allowed to be shared or sublet.

All solicitations must be confined to the area inside the leased booth space. By order of the Utah State Fairpark Fire Marshall, no person, equipment, boxes, booth contents, etc., may block aisles or corridors.

No Commercial Exhibitor will be permitted to distribute advertising material on the Fairpark except in their allotted space. Any solicitations outside the confines of your booth or the tacking or posting of any advertising material on the grounds, buildings or fences, other than inside the booth space, can result in confiscation of signs or banners, expulsion from the Fair and/or forfeiture of fees.

It is strictly prohibited for anyone to pass out advertising material, take surveys or conduct business of any kind in the parking lots owned and/or operated by the Utah State Fair Corporation.

No small motorized vehicles such as golf carts, segways, motorized skate boards, etc. will be allowed inside the Fairpark without prior written permission from the Fairpark Management except vehicles required by the disabled.

In addition, roller blades, roller skates, skateboards, scooters and other like mannered items are also prohibited on the Fairpark.

Any exhibitor selling these items must inform their customers that they are not allowed to use it while on the Fairpark.

Exhibitors are advised that providing derogatory information regarding another commercial exhibitor is prohibited. In addition, Fairpark Management will not get involved in any price setting/fixing between competing exhibitors or get involved in any exclusive agreements an exhibitor may have with a supplier.

No holes in the asphalt or grass will be allowed without prior special written permission from the Fairpark Management.

Laws of the City, County and State of Utah must be strictly adhered to, including the State Fire Code. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to acquire any professional licenses which may be required in the regular course of doing business in Utah.


Removal of Goods After the Fair

Exhibits must be removed after 10:00 p.m. on closing day. The commercial exhibit buildings will be open for approximately two hours following the close of the fair on Sunday and the following day between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. The grounds will be open most of the night after the close of the fair for outdoor exhibits and for exhibitors to bring their vehicles onto the grounds once it has been deemed safe by Fairpark Management. Outdoor exhibits may also be accessed the following day between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

A written release must be obtained from the supervisor of your area when removing articles or exhibits from the grounds. Written releases will also be available in the Administration Building on the Monday following the fair from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. if not received before the fair closes on Sunday evening. Do not leave valuable articles in booths on the last night of the Fair. Tents used during the Fair are taken down on Monday morning, the day after the Fair closes. Any display or structure left on the Fairpark after the second day will be charged a $50.00 per day storage fee or may be discarded.

Concessionaires will obtain a release form at the time of final settlement once full balance owned to Utah State Fairpark 22.5% commission from food & beverage sales is fully paid. Concessionaires without a release form will not be allowed to exit Fairpark or remove any equipment, stand displays, trailers, tents or products.


Removal of Goods During the Fair

Commercial exhibits or portions thereof, may not be removed from the buildings or grounds during the Utah State Fair without prior written consent of Fairpark Management. The written consent will be checked at an outside gate. No exhibit or portion thereof may be torn down or removed before 10:00 p.m. on the closing night of the Fair.


Right of Renewal / Application Process

Whenever a violation of any UInvitations to renew for the upcoming Utah State Fair may be mailed to those exhibitors/concessionaires who participated in the previous year's Fair only and who are in good standing with the Fair. The Space Lease Agreement between the Utah State Fair and exhibitors or concessionaires is for one Fair only. Renewal for each year's Fair is by invitation only. Such a renewal is conditional upon the exhibitors/concessionaires fulfillment of the previous year's Space Lease Agreement, adherence to the rules and regulations as outlined in this handbook, regardless of the number of years an exhibitor may have participated in prior Utah State Fair's, and exhibitor/concessionaire evaluations as outlined in the handbook. Space may be awarded or declined based on a need for variety and best-use determined by the Fairpark Management, the Fair Executive Director, and or Utah State Fair Board of Directors.

Exhibitors/Concessionaires may be offered the same space they occupied the previous year if the Fair layout stays the same. The Fairpark Management reserves the right to change the layout of the commercial buildings, outdoor exhibits, and concessions.

In the event the leased space is changed, eliminated, condemned, or rearranged after a Lease Agreement has been signed, the Fairpark Management may reassign another space to the exhibitor/concessionaire.

The renewal period will begin in February when Lease Agreements, instead of applications, are mailed to those exhibitors/concessionaires meeting the renewal criteria. Any exhibitor/concessionaire not returning their contract by 4:00 p.m. MST on Friday, April 30, 2018, or having it postmarked by April 30, 2018, will forfeit the space they held the previous Fair.

Applications for new exhibitors/concessionaires will be available March 8, 2018. Spaces are offered on a first come, first served basis based on products or services and at prevailing prices.

To be considered as a new concessionaire (food vendor), you are required to submit references from other Fairs/Events, pictures of your concession trailer (including all sides and storage area), a graph or map showing the foot print of your space including dimensions, your menu and pricing, and contact information to the Administration Office.

New exhibitors/concessionaires or exhibitors/concessionaires desiring to make changes to their location or items being sold must submit an application after April 20, 2018. All applications must be filled out completely including all items being displayed, sold and any free drawings or prizes offered. If an application is not filled out completely and signed, it will not be considered. Locations will be assigned, in part, based on the products and/or services listed on the application. When filling out the application, more than one location choice will be required. Every effort will be made to assign you the location you request; however, the Fairpark Management reserves the right to assign locations to avoid conflicts with exhibitors/concessionaires displaying or selling the same type of product nearby.

Exhibitors/concessionaires must advise the Fairpark Management of the products or services they will be selling in their leased space when the application is submitted. Exhibitors and concessionaires must be very specific when listing the items they plan to sell. Broad descriptions such as 'novelties' or 'toys' will not be accepted. Other examples include cook ware, clothing, jewelry, slicers, books, tools, etc. A detailed list of the exact 'novelties' or exact type of 'jewelry' must be included. Attach a separate list and/or picture(s) if necessary when submitting an application. Any 'exact' items not listed on the application will be prohibited in the leased. Exhibitors/concessionaires are required to submit any samples of brochures or literature they will be distributing to the public. In addition, an exhibitor/concessionaire must indicate on their application if they will be using a microphone to demonstrate and/ or sell their product.

Once an exhibitor/concessionaire has been assigned a location and a Lease Agreement has been issued, there will be no changing of location or the products being sold without prior written approval from Fairpark Management.

All exhibitors and concessionaires desiring to renew their space assignments are responsible for updating any address changes with the Fairpark Management prior to December 31st.


Rule Violations

Whenever a violation of any Utah State Fair rule or Lease Agreement is noted by the Fairpark Management, an infraction ticket will be written and a copy will be left with the exhibitor. Copies of each recorded violation will be reviewed and placed in the exhibitor's file. Any violation(s) are cause for:

1. A fine
2. Not inviting the exhibitor to return the following year
3. Depending on the severity of the rule infraction, it may be cause for the immediate closure of the exhibit.

Exhibitors and/or concessionaires deemed unsuitable by the Fairpark Management after setup will not be allowed to open until they correct the perceived problem. Should they not comply with the rules and regulations outlined in this handbook regarding State Fair goals and values they may be removed from the grounds and all monies paid forfeited.

Exhibitors/concessionaires who may be found vandalizing Fairpark property or the property of other exhibitors/concessionaires will also be removed from the grounds, without a refund and may be subject to criminal prosecution.