SEPTEMBER 10-20 2020
Utah State Fair



The American Angus Association, 3201 Frederick Avenue, St. Joseph, Missouri, will participate in premiums offered for open class Angus breeding cattle classes according to the premium schedule based on the number of head shown. The premium assistance provided by the American Angus Association for participation in this show is in addition to the premiums offered by the show itself. The premium assistance should not be used to offset show expense and shall be included in the premium payments distributed by the show to the exhibitors.

A minimum of 50 head must be shown in the Open Class Division to receive American Angus Association premium participation for the following year.

Premiums from the association are paid only to registered Angus cattle and only if the registration number is part of the show report provided to the association. Therefore, all cattle should be registered at the time of entry to make certain they receive the association's portion of premiums. The association does not pay on championship or any group classes.

Exhibitors must have the original registration certificate on each animal available for inspection at the show. Electronically stored registration certificates are NOT accepted - only the original certificates issued by the American Angus Association. Any animal, upon check-in, which does not have a legible permanent identification mark (ear tattoo marks, freeze branded marks or hot-branded marks) corresponding to the permanent identification mark on the registration certificate, is ineligible to show. Once disqualified due to an incorrect or illegible permanent identification mark, animals cannot be re-tattooed and rechecked at the show.

Any female shown with calf at side, the calf must be the cow's most recent natural calf and the calf must be registered by show date and have the original registration certificate at check in.
Only one person at a time shall lead animals into the show ring.

Exhibitors who participate in shows that accept premium monies contributed by the American Angus Association are subject to the Association Rules as found in the Breeders Reference Guide of the Association. These rules are found in Part 2; Association Rules. The rules relating directly with the exhibition of Angus cattle are Part 2: Association Rules, Rule 800 Series; including Rule 800-810. These rules can be found at

Any product administered internally or used externally to alter the conformation and/or appearance of an animal for exhibition is prohibited. This includes the covering of white skin, false tail heads (or use of any false hair), use of graphite, powders, hemp or other similar substances externally and steroids, growth stimulants or artificial filling internally. Any animal found to be in violation will be barred from showing. The exhibition of cattle displaying false hair will not be allowed, with the exception of false tail switches.

At any show for which the American Angus Association appropriates funds toward the payment of premiums, no exhibitors, individuals assisting exhibitors or member owners at such show shall be allowed to use any coloring agents, on any animal exhibited. The Association may adopt and implement various test designed to monitor this prohibition, including but not limited to a "white towel" or "white glove" test. No aerosol cans or other pressurized containers will be allowed in designated line up areas.

All animals exhibited are subject to DNA marker or blood type test to verify accuracy of parentage as covered under the Association Rules and for other testing as required by the individual show.

Authorized representatives of the Association have the authority to enforce the rules set forth herein as well as in the Association Rules, including the barring of a registered animal from a livestock show at which it is to be shown, if there are reasonable grounds to believe a violation has occurred.

FEMALES - (Rosettes Awarded to Champions)
Lot No.
1. Jr Heifer Calves, calved Mar 1, 2019 and after
2. Jr Heifer Calves, calved February, 2019
3. Jr Heifer Calves, calved January, 2019
4. Jr Heifer Calf Champion (Lots 1-3)
5. Reserve Jr Heifer Calf Champion
6. Late Sr Heifer Calves, calved November & December, 2018
7. Early Sr Heifer Calves, calved September & October, 2018
8. Sr Heifer Calf Champion (Lots 6-7)
9. Reserve Sr Heifer Calf Champion
10. Late Summer Yearling Heifers, calved July & August, 2018
11. Early Summer Yearling Heifers, calved May & June, 2018
12. Intermediate Champion (Lots 10-11)
13. Reserve Intermediate Champion
14. April Jr Yearling Heifers, calved April, 2018
15. March Jr Yearling Heifers, calved March, 2018
16. Early Jr Yearling Heifers, calved February, 2018
17. Early Jr Yearling Heifers, calved January, 2018
18. Jr Champion Female (Lots 14-17)
19. Reserve Jr Champion Female
20. Late Sr Yearling Females, calved November & December, 2017
21. Early Sr Yearling Females, calved September & October, 2017
22. Sr Champion Female (Lots 20-21)
23. Reserve Sr Champion Female
24. Grand Champion Female
25. Reserve Grand Champion Female

Any female that qualifies for female classes in the Association's standard classifications are not eligible to show in the cow/calf classes. However, the calf at the side of the female is eligible to show in its respective class.

26. Cow/Calf - cows three (3) years of age and younger, cows must be Jan. 1, 2016 through Aug. 31, 2017. Calf must be the cow's most recent natural calf and be no more than 280 days of age on the day of the show.
27. Cow/Calf - cows four (4) years of age and older, cows must be born Dec. 31, 2015 or earlier. Calf must be the cow's most recent natural calf and be no more than 280 days of age on the day of the show.
28. Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair (Lots 26-27)
29. Reserve Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair

* Cow/Calf Pair champions do not show for Grand Champion female and are ineligible to compete in the Group lots.

BULLS - (Rosettes Awarded to Champions)
Lot No.
30. Jr Bull Calves, calved March 1, 2019 and after
31. Jr Bull Calves, calved January & February, 2019
32. Jr Bull Calf Champion (Lots 30-31)
33. Reserve Jr Bull Calf Champion
34. Late Sr Bull Calves, calved November & December, 2018
35. Early Sr Bull Calves, calved September & October, 2018
36. Sr Bull Calf Champion (Lots 34-35)
37. Reserve Sr Bull Champion
38. Late Summer Yearling Bulls, calved July & August, 2018
39. Early Summer Yearling Bulls, calved May & June, 2018
40. Intermediate Champion Bull (Lots 38-39)
41. Reserve Intermediate Champion Bull
42. April Jr Yearling Bulls, calved April, 2018
43. March Jr Yearling Bulls, calved March, 218
44. Early Jr Yearling Bulls, calved January & February, 2018
45. Jr Champion Bull (Lots 42-44)
46. Reserve Jr Champion Bull
47. Sr Yearling Bulls, calved September through December, 2017
48. Summer Sr Yearling Bulls, calved May through August, 2017
49. Two-Year-Old Bulls, calved January through April, 2017
50. Sr Champion Bull (Lots 47-49)
51. Reserve Sr Champion Bull
52. Grand Champion Bull
53. Reserve Grand Champion Bull

(Animal must be shown in individual lot to be eligible for groups)
Lot No.
54. Get of Sire - Four animals by one sire, both sexes represented.
55. Jr Get of Sire - Three animals by one sire, both sexes represented, shown in lots 1-11 or 30-39.
*56. Breeders Six Head - The exhibitor must be breeder and first owner, identified by the same member code for the animals exhibited. Cattle owned by other exhibitors may be included provided the exhibitor of the breeders six head is the breeder and first owner of the included animal(s). Cattle bred and owned by a junior member(s) may be included if the exhibitor is an individual or married couple and is the parent or legal guardian of the junior member(s).

The following lots are reserved for Utah Angus Breeders only.
57. Pair of Females: Shown in individual lots, owned or co-owned by exhibitor.
58. Pair of Bulls: Shown in individual lots, owned or co-owned by exhibitor.
59. Best Pair: Both sexes represented, shown in individual classes, owned or co-owned by exhibitor.