SEPTEMBER 10-20 2020
Utah State Fair

2019 Jr. Livestock Auction

4-H & FFA Junior Livestock Auction

Saturday, September 14, 2019 - 10 a.m.


1. Entries are open only to 4-H and FFA members of Utah. All animals must first be entered into the Jr. Department to qualify. All animals must have been tagged according to the State Jr. Livestock Shows Association guidlines.

2. Market Hogs weigh-in on Wednesday, Sept 11 - 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Market Steers, Lambs, & Goats weigh-in on Thursday, Sept. 12 - 6:00 am to 10:00 am. Animals will only be weighed once.

3. Only blue ribbon market steers, lambs, hogs and goats will be sold through the auction. Exhibitors are limited to one animal total in the sale. Exhibitors must submit a properly completed Declaration Form to the Livestock Office no later than 8:00 p.m. on Friday, September 13, declaring their intent for each animal they showed. Champions and Reserve Champions must sell. Failure to submit a Declaration Form will result in none of exhibitor's animals being included on the sale order and they will no longer be eligible for the auction. No-shows at the auction will forfeit their premium money. In the event that an exhibitor receives more than one Champion or Reserve, that exhibitor will be allowed to sell more than one animal.

4. Animals, which are not eligible for the auction for any reason, are  the responsibility of the exhibitor and will be released during normal release times beginning at 9:00 p.m. the evening of the judging date.

5. Sifted animals will be released during or immediately after weigh-in. However, animals not sifted for health reasons may remain at the Fairpark to be used for Showmanship if the exhibitor chooses. 

6. All animals that wish to sell private treaty to the packer should complete the Declaration Form and turn it in to the Livestock Office no later than 8:00 p.m. on Friday, September 13. All agreements are between the packer and the exhibitor, the Fair accepts no responsibility in regards to these matters.

7. Exhibitors are required to return sale animals back to their own stall or pen after the sale, unless otherwise directed by a member of the auction committee. Exhibitors are resposible for feeding, watering and other care of the animals until animals are accepted by the packer. A penalty of $50 will be deducted from the auction checks of exhibitors failing to comply with this rule!

8. When an animal is designated sold to a packer in the sale ring, it becomes property of the packer. Any changes must be done by private treaty with the packer and not involve the Fair. Packers have the right to refuse a sick or injured animal at the time of loading and ownership of the animal reverts to the exhibitor.

9. A sales fee of up to 5% of the total selling price will be charged by the auction committee for each animal sold. The fee will be withheld from the money collected from the buyer and will be noted in the settlement with the exhibitor.

10. Owners of Grand and Reserve animals may be required to help with the auction, as runners, immediately after selling their animal.

11. Exhibitors must show and sell their own animal(s), or premium and / or sale money will be withheld.

12. Exhibitors must adhere to the dress code when selling their animal, or a $50 penalty will be withheld from the auction check.

13. Animals will be sold on a per head basis. The base price for each animal will be noted on the sale order. Maximum sale weights will be in effect as follows:

Steers-1,400 lbs / Lambs-140 lbs / Hogs-290 lbs / Goats-100 lbs

Any amount over these limits will not be calculated into the animals base price reflected on the sale order sheets.

14.  Grand and Reserve of each species will sell first in the following order: Hogs, Steers, Lambs, & Goats. Followed by a pre-determined number of each species rotating in the same order. 

15. Exhibitors missing their turn in the sale order will not be allowed to sell.


Animals will be sold on a per head basis. The base price for each animal will be noted on the sale order, which is available the day of the auction.

Payment must be received on all animals before being released to private individuals or packers, unless prior arrangements have been made with Fairpark managment.

Buyers are required to make immediate payment upon receipt of State Fair invoice. Interest of 1.5% will be charged monthly on any amounts owing 30 days after date of the first invoice. The Utah State Fair reserves the right to refuse bids from or sales to any buyer.

The show committee, auctioneer, and staff of the Utah State Fair accepts no liability for injury or death of sale animals. Animals are the responsibility of the exhibitor until the packer or individual buyer accepts ownership.

When an animal is turned to the packer or the buyer in the sale ring, it becomes the property of the packer or that buyer. Any changes must be done by private treaty with the packer or buyer and not invovle the State Fair.

All sales are final. There will be no re-sale of animals.

Grand and Reserve Champion of each species must be sold through the auction.

In the event of a tie or dispute, the auctioneer's decision will be final. All bids are to be made by bona fide bidders or by acceptance.

Booster or add-on bids on the Grand or Reserve Grand Champions after the original purchase has been made, will not be recognized from the podium or in print materials.


Jared Buhler - Show Chairman 
Allan Sulser - Show Manager 
Rob Willoughby - Show Manager
Larry Mullenax - Executive Director 
Mike Kohler - Utah State Fair Board of Directors 
Wade Garrett - Utah State Fair Board of Directors
Judy Duncombe - Utah State Fair Director
Jenny Anderson - Entry Department Coordinator 
Josh Dallin - Jr Beef Supervisor 
Lisa Clement - Jr Sheep Supervisor 
LaMar Walker - Jr Hog Supervisor 
Karson Anderson - Jr Goat Supervisor
Brian Lish  Kevin McCarthy
Daniel Smith  Lisa Olsen
Darann Smith  Nate Bushman             
Dennis Christensen  Sakia Brost
Earl "Sam" Blonquist Shane Perkins 
Garrick Liddiard Steve Shepherd
Jessie Hadfield Trent Tomlinson 
Kaylee Liddiard